November 8th Speaker – Change

Our scheduled speaker, an FBI detective, had to cancel so our speakers this month will be Mary Dyer and Sheryl Butler

Mary Dyer and Sheryl Butler will be talking again about why telecoils and hearing loops are important. Their PowerPoint will focus on the need for both those with hearing loss and hearing allies to speak out to request hearing loops. In addition, they will be specifically addressing the ways the medical community can be better at identifying and providing for patients who have hearing loss.
In addition, Mary is a member of the Commission for Deaf Services in Iowa, and will be sharing some exciting news, their working on legislation to require all hearing instrument specialists to provide telecoil information at the point of purchase. To date seven other states have drafted and introduced and passed similar legislation. This might be something we can, as the HLAA Omaha chapter, urge our own Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing to consider.
They will also have personal loop systems available to show, including portable loops, neck loops, small room loops and counter loops.